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Part of the Patternist Series.

Survivor is out of print.

They fled from an Earth ravaged by plague and violence, seeking to fulfill their holy mission—to discover a new home for humanity. But instead of landing in a peace-filled paradise, Earth’s Missionaries find themselves caught between two warring civilizations—the Garkohn and the Tehkohn. And only one of the people from Earth, a young girl and “converted” Missionary named Alanna, has the proper survival training to see through the lies of their Garkohn “hosts,” who extend the hand of friendship to the humans only to enslave them. Alanna alone can understand the necessity of becoming one with the Tehkohn “enemy.” And, perhaps, she can find a way to release the Missionaries from the deadly bondage into which they have complacently fallen. Yet even if she succeeds, will Alanna merely be saving them for a still more inescapable doom . . . ?