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Octavia E. Butler Honored with a Solstice Award

Last week, the late Octavia E. Butler was honored with a Solstice Award for 2012 by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. It is given to those who have consistently had a positive, transformative influence on the genre.

“My first encounter with Butler’s work came when her Lilith’s Brood series was pressed on me by a friend, who wouldn’t let me read anything else until I read the books. As time goes on I find that this is how so much of Butler’s work was discovered—by word of mouth from someone who found their lives changed by Butler’s ideas and prose. Butler left us far too early, but her influence remains, grows and deepens with every year. I’m proud to have SFWA honor her and her legacy with the Solstice.” —John Scalzi, SFWA President

Read more about the award and SFWA here.