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"With lively characters and rich narrative, [Kindred] is a wonderful blend of speculative and historical fiction that takes on the broad issues of power, freedom, gender, and race….This book, written nearly 40 years ago, still resonates today."

- Rebecca Fitting, Greenlight Bookstore (Brooklyn, NY)

"[Her] evocative, often troubling, novels explore far-reaching issues of race, sex, power and, ultimately, what it means to be human."

- New York Times

“Butler’s spare, vivid prose style invites comparison with the likes of Kate Wilhelm and Ursula Le Guin.”

- Kirkus Reviews

“Butler’s books are exceptional. . . . She is a realist, writing the most detailed social criticism and creating some of the most fascinating female characters in the genre . . . real women caught in impossible situations.”

- Dorothy Allison, Village Voice

"Butler's literary craftsmanship is superb."

- Washington Post Book World

“What ‘cyberpunk’ author William Gibson does for young, disaffected white fans…Octavia Butler does for people of color. She gives us a future.”

- Vibe

“Butler is among the best of contemporary [science fiction] writers, blessed with a mind capable of conceiving complicated futuristic situations that shed considerable light on our current affairs. Her prose is lean and literate, her ideas expansive and elegant.”

- Houston Post

"[Butler] defied formulaic sci-fi while exploiting the freedom of the genre to take her usually female and nonwhite characters to places where mainstream fiction would ten to deny them."

- Commonweal

“She is one of those rare authors who pay serious attention to the way human beings actually work together and against each other, and she does so with extraordinary plausibility.”

- Locus